A thriller book to read

a thriller book to read

If you are looking for a thriller book to read you can’t miss Broken Lives by Cesario Picca. Set in London, Broken Lives is a psychological thriller inspired by tv series like Criminal Minds. Three young students are found murdered in one month and the situation becomes very difficult because young people are scared and political institutions look for solutions.

Following investigations of the Scotland Yard detective, Sonny D’Amato, readers will find a sadistic serial killer. Someone who suffered violence and abuses in his childhood. The investigation will allow us to discover that monsters from the past return to the present to annihilate the future. Because, after abuses, your life will never be the same and neither will you. And you will run the risk of becoming an executioner in your turn.

Broken Lives marks the debut of the reporter Saru Santacroce in London. In search of a new life, Saru returns to play the role of journalist on the hunt for news to inform public opinion. Broken Lives is an adrenaline thriller full of suspense and passion. Because Saru loves his job, but also women and they love him. Just like Lutgarda, a splendid career woman, who will enchant the Italian reporter. There are many reasons to choose the psychological trhiller Broken Lives by Cesario Picca if you are looking for next thriller book to read.

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