Morbid attentions upset your life in Broken Lives

Morbid attentions upset your life in Broken LivesMorbid attentions upset your life in Broken Lives. After that morbid attentions by an adult you won’t be the same. Your life will change and maybe yourself. Maybe you won’t be a victims anymore and you’ll become an executioner yourself. Maybe you could become a serial killer.

Broken Lives psychological thriller dedicated to victims of abuse, is set in a London already deeply struck by terroristic attacks. A serial killer slaughters young lives. And the Scotland Yard detective Sonny D’Amato, an Italian emigrant by second generation, investigates to arrest him.

He must discover who conceals behind the three sanguinary murders of as many people that upset London. And particularly its crowded community of students from all over the world. Broken Lives is a psychological thriller dedicated to children. Dedicated to who, owing to the morbid attention by those who should protect them, never shall they be able to rely on a so-called normal existence. Because morbid attentions upset your life in Broken Lives.

By the side of Scotland Yard detective Sonny D’Amato there is the clever and promising Coroner July Pence and, just by coincidence, the Salento reporter Rosario Saru Santacroce, in London to change life once more.

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