Murder in the Tremiti isles

Il thriller Murder in the Tremiti islesThat woman died because she said No to a man who said he loved her. Another femicide in thriller Murder in the Tremiti Isles

Saying No to a man it’s sometimes the beginning of another femicide, the murder of another woman. This is the incipit of the thriller Murder in the Tremiti Isles.

A beautiful and wealthy tourist is on holiday at the seaside and be murdered. The reporter Rosario Saru Santacroce writes about this femicide in the beautiful contest of Tremiti Islands (Puglia, South Italy).

The main character of this thriller is a forty year old Salento reporter who lives in Bologna and works for a local newspaper. A rough and rational man, talkative, charismatic, ready to savor every moment of life as if it was the last. Nicknamed Saru, he covers the city’s crime beat.

As often happens, occasionally work also follows him on holidays because a real reporter is destined (almost) never to unplug. And that is probably why he gets entangled in this cruel murder. Follow the reporter Saru and maybe you’ll find the killer giving a name to whom murdered another woman.

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