Saru’s thrillers and the betrayal that upsets life

Saru's thrillers and the betrayal that upsets lifeSaru’s thrillers and the betrayal that upsets life. If someone has to protect you and instead becomes your executioner. This is the betrayal that can upset your life. Your life will never be the same and neither will you. And in addition to betrayal and an upset life you will run the risk of becoming an executioner in your turn.

This is the drama of those who suffer violence as a child. Scotland Yard detective Sonny D’Amato knows this well. Committed to investigating the murders of three young students, he comes across a serial killer from a difficult childhood.

This is the incipit of the psychological thriller Broken Lives set in London and dedicated to victims of abuse. Hence the title: Broken Lives, exactly like the lives of innocent violated youths.

Young people compelled to make enormous efforts in order to find a stability that very often they fail to attain. And if they find that stability, they see it crumble down owing to stress or other unchecked factors, driving them to be, in turn, executioners themselves.

But sometimes, at the end of the tunnel, you can find the light and you can see life from another point of view.

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