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Mystery novels set in London

Mystery novels set in London you can’t absolutely miss like thriller Broken Lives by Salento reporter Saru Santacroce

Mystery novels set in London you can't absolutely missIf you love mystery novels and you like reading ones set in London, you can’t absolutely miss psychological thriller Broken Lives by Salento reporter Saru Santacroce. In this crime novel, dedicated to victims of abuse, Scotland Yard detective, Sonny D’Amato, must stop a serial killer in London. He’s engaged in a race against time to avoid another victim after three young students found killed in a month. According to coroner, victims are been tortured before dying.

So, police must stop a cruel murderer who loves inflicting so much suffering on the victim, before granting him the grace to die, putting an end to that pain. The doctor said that there are “flashbacks, moments when the victim has a memory of the abuse so vivid that she thinks she’s going to relive it. She can feel like a child again and see in her partner the man who used violence against her. This can be a terrifying experience. Some women attack their partner during the flashbacks in the belief that he is the rapist. These scenes usually occur during sexual intercourse. But they can arise in any situation that reminds her of the abuse. Anything can trigger a flashback. Even a caress or a hand on the side or a simple utterance with a sexual connotation”.
So, the impression is that Sonny D’Amato must dig in old cases of pedophilia if he wants to solve this case. Because, this killer could been a victim of abuse before becoming an executioner in his (or her) turn. Like William Glasser wrote, “the painful things that have happened in the past have an enormous influence on what we are today”. If you love psychological and compelling crime novels, Broken Lives set in London could be your next mystery novel to read.

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