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Saru’s thrillers are a series of crime novels

Saru’s thrillers are a series of crime novels to read soon where character is the Salento reporter Saru Santacroce

Saru’s thrillers are a series of crime novels to read soonSaru’s thrillers are a series of crime novels by the Italian writer Cesario Picca and the main character is the Salento reporter Rosario Saru Santacroce. Saru Santacroce introduces readers to the mechanisms of information. He makes them read real news articles and brings to light real facts well intertwined with fantasy. Saru is an explosive, rational character, sometimes rude and politically incorrect, but genuine. He goes straight to the substance even if he does not disdain the form; loves life, hates falsehood, hypocrisy and false goodness.

The first crime novel is Murder in the Tremiti Islands where the reporter Saru follows the investigation to resolve a heinous femicide. Someone kills a beautiful and rich Bolognese tourist while she is on vacation. The investigations of the carabinieri and a female PM will allow to arrest the culprit after several twists. In Gioco mortale – delitto nel mondo della trasgressione, Bologna police must find the author of a crime in the transgression’s world. Besides Saru there are two very mysterious women.
In the thriller Il dio danzante – delitto nel Salento, Saru plays at home and lets the reader understand how difficult it is to come to terms with one’s certainties continuously undermined by facts and life. The victim of this crime story is a killer of mafia. Only at the end will it be possible to discover the role that Saru assigns to the female protagonist of this mystery. The fourth novel is a psychological thriller set in London and dedicated to victims of abuse. Saru follows the investigation of the Italian-British detective Sonny D’Amato to stop a ferocious serial killer. Also in this case there are two women among the protagonists.
In the esoteric novel L’intrigo – guanti puri e senza macchia, two brave and enamored women will defeat the strong powers and make the truth triumph. This thriller is set in Calabria and also speaks of Freemasonry. The sixth thriller of the series of Saru’s thrillers is Il filo rosso – delitto sui colli. It’s set in Bologna, it’s dedicated to victims of Mafia and it explains that by mistake one does not learn but one dies. So, this could be a good opportunity to read Saru’s thrillers which are a series of crime novels.

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