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Interesting thriller books to read

Interesting thriller books to read you can’t miss absolutely like Murder in Tremiti Isles, a femicide crime novel

Interesting thriller books to read you can't miss absolutely

If you’re looking for interesting thriller books to read you could choose Murder in Tremiti Isles by Italian writer Cesario Picca. This is a femicide crime novel set in a wonderful archipelago in the South of Italy. A rich and sensual women is on vacation in Tremiti Isles with her lover when she is being found murdered.

Italian reporter Saru Santacroce is at the end of his relaxing week on the same isles in that hot July. But he must take off his tourist’s clothes to wear those of the hound in search of news to tell his readers.
Saru Santacroce is the first to rush to the scene of the crime and discovers that the victim is the woman he had known a few days earlier during a boat party.
The marshal of the Carabinieri is one of his countrymen and thanks to him he always manages to have more news than other journalists. They are not happy with his many scoops and neither is the public prosecutor with whom he has a hard fight.
The reporter’s job is sometimes very complex and absorbs all the energy and Saru’s girlfriend feels neglected. Therefore, after first quarrels their love story ends. Saru remains alone on the island and throws himself into the job to follow the investigations for the capture of the author of the femicide.
But between one article and another Saru also finds time to establish a sparkling relationship with a colleague who will help him forget his long-gone girlfriend.
Many twists in this thriller that will not fail to capture the attention of even the most demanding reader. For this reason, if you are looking for an interesting thriller books to read, you cannot miss Murder in the Tremiti Isles by Cesario Picca

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