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London crime novels

London crime novels suggestions for compelling reads like thriller Broken Lives by Salento reporter Saru Santacroce

London crime novels suggestions for compelling readsIf you are interested in London crime novels and you’are looking for good suggestions for compelling reads, don’t miss psychological thriller Broken Lives by Salento reporter Saru Santacroce. This crime novel is dedicated to victims of abuse. Because the sadic serial killer who has killed three young student could been a victim of abuse becoming in turn an executioner. But being abused cannot justify violence and murder.

That’s why Scotland Yard’s detective, Sonny D’Amato, has to stop this killer before the death list gets longer. And when the detective saw crime scene he thought that it could not be considered a crime of passion. It had been premeditated. And whoever had committed it, had demonstrated an unparalleled sadism by inflicting so much suffering on the victim, before granting him the grace to die. Because only death could put an end to that pain. The psychopath who had wreaked that havoc had wanted to fully enjoy the unhealthy satisfaction of seeing life slip away from that tormented body.
“Our man should actually be a woman. Or a particularly effeminate person, left-handed, who might have a fondness for guys in their twenties, whom he (or she) first approaches in some bar, then drugs and finally kills”. In one beath, the doctor explained these important elements to detective Sonny D’Amato after performing the autopsy. The situation is truly alarming at a time when London is already battered by serious terrorist attacks. So, the killer must be stopped. There are lots of reasons to read psychological thriller Broken Lives if you are looking for London crime novels suggestions.

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