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Psychological thriller books

Psychological thriller books set in London suggestions like crime novel Broken Lives by Salento reporter Saru Santacroce

Psychological thriller books set in London suggestionsIf you are looking for suggestions about psychological thriller books and you like ones set in London, don’t miss the compelling crime novel Broken Lives by Salento reporter Saru Santacroce. With Broken Lives you’ll follow investigation by Scotland Yard detective, Sonny D’Amato, to stop a cruel serial killer before finding another dead young student.

In one month, police find three young students tortured and killed. They think serial killer could be a woman, victim of abuse in her childhood. So, she can feel like a child again and see in her partner the man who used violence against her. And this flashback can trigger her violence transforming her in an executioner. Thanks to this tips, detective Sonny D’Amato digs in old cases of pedophilia to solve this case.
Salento reporter Saru Santacroce is in London for changing his life, but destiny triggs him to re-become a reporter hunting news to tell readers. And for this reason he will meet Sonny D’Amato and help him to solve this case saving the fourth victim before been killed. Among psychological thriller books set in London, this compelling crime novel triggs readers to stop reading only when they arrive at the end because of this breathless investigation.

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