Saru Santacroce and his thrillers

Saru Santacroce and his thrillers written by Cesario Picca are a series of crime novels with a Salento reporter

Saru Santacroce and his thrillers written by Cesario PiccaSaru Santacroce and his thrillers are a series of crime novels written by Cesario Picca where the main character is the Salento reporter Saru Santacroce. Saru Santacroce is an old-school Italian reporter. Like those who consume soles of shoes to hunt for news. Like those who love life, but have to deal with a difficult job. Because being a reporter is not easy and you almost never pull the plug.

Like for example the six persons killed within a few days in Bologna in the thriller Il filo rosso – delitto sui colli. Or the charming Bolognese tourist murdered while she is on vacation in the Tremiti Islands in the thriller Murder in the Tremiti Isles focused on the plague of femicide. The scenario of the psychological thriller Broken Lives set in London is no less disturbing. Saru Santacroce follows the investigations of Scotland Yard detective, Sonny D’Amato, to arrest a dangerous serial killer who killed three young students. In the crime novel Il dio danzante – delitto nel Salento a dangerous life prisoner escapes from hospital in Lecce by shooting. Carabinieri investigations to capture this dangerous killer intertwine with the attempt to recover a precious load of gold ingots resulting from a bloody robbery.
Saru Santacroce may not be a simple person. He is an explosive, rational character, sometimes rude and politically incorrect. He is genuine and sincere. Saru goes straight to the substance even if it does not disdain the form; he loves life, he hates falsehood, hypocrisy and false goodness. Saru Santacroce and his thrillers are always on the front line to follow the investigations aimed at shedding light on often disturbing crimes.
In Gioco mortale, the world of transgression is the background to a complicated crime that is intertwined with a tangled and potentially dangerous story. The intrigue that lies behind the crime that characterizes the esoteric thriller L’intrigo – guanti puri e senza macchia is certainly not linear. At the center of this novel is Freemasonry and love between people of the same sex. So, try knowing Saru santacroce and his thrillers.

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