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Fiction books set in London

Fiction books set in London you must read absolutely like unmissable crime novel by Salento reporter Saru Santacroce

Fiction books set in London you must read absolutely

If you love fiction books and you are looking for good thrillers set in London, you are in the right place. In fact, my suggestion is not to miss crime novels by Salento reporter Saru Santacroce. Starting by the psychological thriller Broken Lives written by the Salento author Cesario Picca.

In this psychological thriller, Scotland Yard detective, Sonny D’Amato, must stop a sadistic and bloodthirsty serial killer who already killed three young students. Their corps are found in three important places of London like Borough Market, London Bridge and the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.
According to investigations, the killer had at first enjoyed making small superficial cuts, savouring the expression of pure terror in victims’ eyes. Then he had made them feel the sharp cold of the blade.
He caused them wounds that were a little deeper, though not mortal, which had put a strain on the victims’ endurance, probably making them faint. He had thus finally given relief to those tortured souls that, before exhaling their last breath, must have desired it with all their heart, so as to put an end to that unspeakable torture.
Broken Lives is a breathless investigation that pushes the reader to reflect on the most thorny and contradictory aspects of human mind.
Saru Santacroce is an old school Italian reporter always on the hunt for news to write. He loves life and women, but at the center of everything there is always his work that engulfs all his energies.
Because, after all, the reporter is cursed and (almost) never unplug. With his series of thrillers, Saru Santacroce is certainly able to satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes. And Broken Lives is a good choice if you are interested in fiction books set in London.

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